Choose Your Body Type with New Honda Variable Design Platform

Lately the biggest buzz circling the Honda pool has to do with its new "Micro Commuter" prototype. Already out in the open for several weeks now, most dedicated enthusiasts have heard about the teeny tiny electric vehicle's tablet-enabled technology and uber-efficient drive. But did you know that this snazzy little Honda machine can also change shapes?

No, Baierl Honda doesn't mean to put a Transformers image in your head. Rather, the auto is built on a unique Variable Design Platform that we and other new Honda vehicle experts have been expecting to come to fruition for some time now.

With the model's battery, control unit, and 15 kW motor all housed in the vehicle floor, the flexible design structure gives consumers the chance to pick and choose their micro-car's body type. And we do mean quite literally. Company officials note that the actual body shell can be swapped in and out fairly frequently depending on what the auto will be used for.

For example, a mom or dad with two tiny kids could opt for the one large seat, two tiny seat configuration while an individual delivery man might want a pickup-style set up with room for cargo. Of course, no matter how you slice it, the Micro Commuter has quick urban jaunts in mind rather than long journeys.

For the latter, you'll have to swing by 10430 Perry Hwy in Wexford and test drive one of our full-size Honda SUV's or crossovers. Stop by anytime to learn more about the mini Honda morphing machine or any of our current production-model Honda vehicle options.

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