You've made the right decision: choosing a new Honda as your next new vehicle. Now the next step is very important: protecting your purchase with smart practices and helpful tips from Baierl Honda of Wexford, PA. The following should help new Honda drivers in keeping the automobile healthy and running great from day one.

After piloting a new Honda vehicle out of our showroom, it has a break in period of about 1,000 miles (although this can vary by model). During the break in time, it's especially important to drive the vehicle smoothly and calmly. Aggressive accelerating and braking patterns can add years of wear onto the engine, which could turn into expensive repair costs later on. To avoid unexpected trips to our Honda service professionals, continue reading some of the following key ideas.

So, what should one focus on during the first 1,000 miles?

  • Keep speeds under 55 mph: This may be one of the most difficult for some but going slower in the beginning will help break the engine in to ensure years of reliable performance.
  • Delay transporting heavy loads or hefty cargo:Towing, strapping or just excessive loading up of your new Honda should be avoided as it can be detrimental for the drivetrain. After the break in period, it's a good idea to review the owner's manual for specific model capacities to alleviate over-loading the vehicle.
  • Avoid long idle stretches: This goes even after the break-in time frame, but it's doubly important during the first 1,000 miles. Allowing the engine to idle may cause oil shortages in some areas of the engine, which can cause wear and other issues.

Want more tips on getting the most out of your Honda? Baierl Honda, located at 10430 Perry Hwy in Wexford, PA, is committed to ensuring your Honda sees as many miles as possible, so be sure to check our blog often.

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