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Honda Dashboard Light Guides

Honda Dashboard Light Guides Wexford PA


You may know how to work the infotainment suite in your Honda just like you know how much muscle the engine generates and how many miles you can get per gallon. However, what does that dashboard light mean?

Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township drivers don't need to wonder any longer. The Baierl Honda team put together this library of dashboard light guides to help you determine what each indicator means.


Honda CR-V Dashboard Lights



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We all know the common dashboard lights. It's not hard to determine that a fuel pump indicator means your car needs gas or that a battery light indicates the charging system needs a bit of juice. However, all Honda cars come with advanced features that, likewise, have some lesser-known lights.

Here, you'll find a library filled with Honda dashboard light guides, all of which are free for you to read. Click the link on this page that corresponds to the year and model of your car, and we'll break down all the important lights.

It's good to keep in mind that some lights are more pressing than others. While some indicate service is due in the near future, others will need to be tended to immediately. We'll make sure you know which is which.



A Service Center You Can Rely On

Whether your lights are trying to tell you that your oil needs to be changed or that the brake system is in disrepair, our team has the diagnostic tools to figure out what's happening. We're familiar with all the lights on your dashboard and are more than happy to tend to them right away.

Our factory-trained technicians are equipped with genuine Honda parts and tools. Even if your car is in need of a replacement component, they'll have it taken care of for you as soon as possible.



Is Your Car in Need of Service?

Some dashboard lights may only indicate that a specific Honda feature is in use, but others signal service is due. Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township drivers can reach out to our team when their vehicle needs work.

Contact the Baierl Honda team online or over the phone to schedule your next service appointment!

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